Podcast #10: Star Wars Prequels

With The Force Awakens rapidly approaching, we are going through the Star Wars saga.  We are starting with the prequels.  It’s a long one, but full of some great trashing of these terrible movies.  So strap in and join us, then comment below with your thoughts on these movies.  Make sure you like and subscribe on YouTube as well.

Last week: Open Forum Discussion

Next week: I’ll give you three guesses but you’ll only need one

Podcast #9: Roundtable Discussion

We are back after a two week break.  Since we couldn’t think of a good topic, we just had an open forum kind of discussion.  We talk about a little of everything: recent movie releases, trailers, upcoming films, and other little random things.  It’s a bit of a mess but we enjoyed it and hope you guys will too.  Like, comment, and subscribe on YouTube!